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Menu button for language selection on the front page.

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has got a menu for language selection.

People in the most important language groups in our local area have been given the opportunity to read in their own language. (machine-translated) At the top right of’s front page, readers can choose the language in which to read the online newspaper. All you have to do is click in and select select a language and then all the articles will appear in the desired language. In the first instance, we have chosen the most common languages in our immediate geographical neighbourhood. Before we will possibly expand, but first we would like to see if this measure has any effect.

* English
* German
* French
* Spanish
* Russian
* Swedish
* Danish

We would like to ask everyone who appreciates our posts and articles and who has friends and acquaintances in other countries who they can imagine would like to read our perspectives and assessments of what is happening in the world, to make them aware that goes international with this move.

Naturally, a part of the material is related to events in Norway, but by no means all of it. In fact, much of the articles is internationally relevant, such as health, climate, war, economy, politics and so on.

The editors,

Teksten står for forfatterens mening, ikke nødvendigvis sin.

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Teksten står for forfatterens mening, ikke nødvendigvis sin.